Empyrean technologists see the world of networking and information infrastructure in a new and innovative light. The digital universe is changing constantly and businesses must continually evolve their information infrastructure and methodologies in order to remain streamlined and efficient.

In order for your organization to prosper and grow in today’s ever-changing world, you must be able to effortlessly access your digital assets both locally and remotely, while keeping them protected from accidental or malicious breaches in security.

Information technology is the irreplaceable heart of every 21st Century business, and Empyrean combines decades of information technology experience with innovative product/service offerings from premiere technology partners to keep your IT infrastructure optimized and
running smoothly.

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“At the Dayton Home & Garden Show we sought to create a private WiFi network to allow our exhibitors the ability to create secured credit card transactions, and access websites that would allow them to create estimates on the spot. The challenge was the expansiveness of Dayton Convention Center where our event is held.

We reached out to Empyrean’s staff, which was able to do a site survey and provide us a Meraki access point product that was tailored to fit our needs. The knowledge and professionalism that the staff brought to the table helped to make the 2014 Dayton Home & Garden Show a tremendous success.”

Randy Phillips, Show Director
The Dayton Home & Garden Show


Technology Partners


Meraki’s suite of cloud-based networking products provides unmatched levels of performance, data analytics, security, control and cost savings through an interface that Empyrean remotely monitors and maintains.


DataYard is Dayton’s premiere provider of business class internet access and colocation services and partners with Empyrean to provide hosting support to customers who cannot afford anything less than the best.


Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage Business Solutions
Empyrean works with Vonage Business Solutions to provide Voice over IP (VoIP) services for telephone and mobile devices that are innovative, scalable, customizable and highly streamlined in their infrastructure complexity.



Dropbox For Business
Dropbox for Business lets your team members instantly sync and share data on any device, so they can work together from anywhere, while keeping data access secure, reliable, and fast.


Mac Practice

Mac Practice
The stability and ease-of-use of Apple computers and mobile devices makes Mac Practice a high-quality, yet affordable, turnkey information management solution for any progressive medical, dental or optometric practice.



Google Apps for Business
The Google Apps for Business package includes email, calendaring, online file storage and more — and Empyrean can assist you with new account set-up or the migration of existing services to Google Apps.



Empyrean partners with CrashPlan to affordably provide your organization with the advanced backup, encryption and data verification services absolutely essential to your business.



Apple creates great products that have set high standards for quality and user experience. Empyrean is partnered with Apple as a certified consultant to bring our extensive experience and the full capabilities of Apple’s products to work for you.

MJ's on Jefferson

“Multiple layers of equipment added by various people with varying degrees of expertise resulted in an unstable system with no documentation that didn’t always meet our needs. Then one piece of equipment went bad and over the course of a few days disabled the entire network.

The Empyrean staff was able to sniff out the bad part and fix it so we could get back up and running. At that point we asked for a plan to renovate our network and equipment so we could have a stable and secure environment in which to operate. We now have a modern and efficient network and as we prepare to move to a new location, we have enlisted the Empyrean team to design our new data system from the ground up.

Thankfully, now our entire infrastructure is fully documented and secure. When something needs managed the staff knows how to take care of it. With the preparations they have made we expect moving our equipment and technology framework to the new location to go smoothly.”

Bruce Lindsey
GM – MJ’s on Jefferson




Empyrean is an IT services provider with decades of experience in a multitude of technical environments ranging from server rooms and television stations to service departments, retail environments and schools.

Supportable, properly functioning IT infrastructure is critical to any business, and Empyrean is dedicated to implementing IT best practices through a range of technology services that include network creation, IT consultation, VoIP, Mobile Device Management, File Sharing Solutions, Presence Analytics, Email, Calendaring, Data Backup, Web Hosting and so much more.

It is also meaningful to note that Empyrean is the IT and information solutions platform of the CreativeFuse Initiative (CFi) which means that Empyrean is dedicated to providing affordable, state-of-the-art technology services to clients of all sizes and descriptions who want to streamline their businesses through innovative IT technologies.